Sunday, 31 March 2013

Chapter 1 - Delhi, 31/3/13

Old Chinese saying - "As long as you're planning a journey, you own the journey. The minute you embark on that journey, the journey owns you".
So far, this has rung very true. Flight from Manchester so late that I only just made the connection, alas my luggage did not. So after one day with very little here, I sit and am really not that bothered. Met one of our party after getting to hotel in Delhi around 8am and we went for adventure for the rest of the day. Tuk tuks galore, plentiful and cheap. It's so noisy with horns going and traffic is so mad my heart has been in my mouth an awful lot today. What an experience. One driver was supposed to be taking us back to the hotel but when we didn't agree to go to another place too, he stopped another tuk tuk who was passing by our side to offload us onto his!  Went to see the India gate and visited the National Museum. It's very hot, the chap in charge says it could go to late 30s. Met our group tonight and we are all going to get along just fine I think. Visiting Old Delhi tomorrow morning and late afternoon will be setting off for our sleeper train journey to Jodphur. Off to bed now. Love to all. x


  1. Hi Sharon, Who needs luggage anyway, especially as you did'nt have very much. Although I do hope it has now caught up with you. Sam & Jack are fine and getting on we'll with their guest, although he said Toby was grumpy when he fed him! India sounds a bit scary, but you wanted an adventure so enjoy the ride. Take care

  2. It's called culture shock. told Mum you would be feeling it, said the noise, the people will be right in your face. Remember I said agree everything before you get in the tik tuk.

  3. Hi, sure you settling in to the new adventure! Hope u have your
    Clothes! As long as u have clean knickers!!!