Monday, 3 June 2013

Chapter 6 - Home Sweet Home

Thanks to Liz and Mark for picking me up from Manchester Airport. I had been trying to picture my home in my mind on my last evening in Washington. Strangely the two areas I had difficulty with were the washing basket and I could not remember my kitchen sink at all. A psychologist would have a field day. Back to Sabden and it is a beautiful day. It is a strange feeling not to have to think of where I am going each day and I think it will be a while before I settle down.

I feel I should share some tips here at the end of my blog for anyone thinking of doing a similar trip whether solo or with a companion.

1. Take a door stop for behind a hotel door.
2. Always take a torch and keep it at the side of your bed. When you get up through the night and are in a different place each time, you never know where the bed lights are. In fact in some of these countries they can be a walk across the room from the bed!
3. Keep the luggage down as much as you can. Only take some sachets of shampoo, conditioner and gel. Also take a shower cap if you use one. Where hotels provide these, take the extra one for the next hotel who may not.
4. Coconut oil is brilliant for humid frizzy hair. Leave it on during the day to protect it.
5. Take a spray sun lotion. You can't protect your back yourself so a spray helps cover as much as you can.
6. Souvenir purchases will inevitably build up and fill your case. Collect items you do not need to drag around with you and post home. It saves on extra luggage charges.
7. When planning your destinations, try and have a 3 day or longer stop where you can do nothing but put your feet up in the sun. It also allows you to unpack your case. You need the rest with all the walking around.
8. When arriving in a new destination where you are not on a tour, purchase a ticket for the hop on/off bus or go on the big wheel (like the London Eye). It helps you get your bearings on a city and points out the sights you may want to visit.

It's time to get back to reality now and so this will be my last post. Thanks again to all who have taken the time to read. Love to all xx

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