Saturday, 11 May 2013

Adelaide to Warrnambool

After Adelaide we crossed the state line to Victoria. It was a very long drive to the Grampian mountains. We stopped at McKenzie falls late afternoon and walked down 262 steps to the bottom of the waterfall. Well worth the effort but a long way back up! The area is very reminiscent of Scotland and the mountains were named by a Scot who was reminded of the Grampians back home. There are many Scottish place names and towns so I like it a lot. The motel was Grampian Motel and I would highly recommend it as my favourite of all in Australia. Beautiful setting with kangaroos and emus and all other wildlife around. In fact, I decided to go to the laundry just after arrival and bumped into a kangaroo on the way - don't know which of us was more shocked! I could have spent a longer time here and walked in the hills. So peaceful. Huge welcome by owners who made a fuss of us and the wine was  more plentiful and cheaper so I was happy. Dinner was wonderful and the female kangaroo came over to the window. The lady opened it and gave her some bread but we were told if the big one comes over shut the window quick as he is strong. Sure enough he came bounding along. He stayed mooching all night. When we ignored him he stood up scratching his belly and putting on a show. The owner fed him quickly and shut the window. His tail was thick and strong. Later on I fed the female, imaginitevely call Mother. The next morning there was a mist on the bottom of the valley and a walk around showed all the baby Roos too. Very tame. Off again and stopped at the Tower Hill reserve on the way to Warrnambool on the ocean. Saw some wild koalas hugging their trees. My room smelt of sewage and they said they would repair it so had my shower and the receptionist came up to check. She said I couldn't stay there so gave me a key to the suite next door. Spa bath, kitchen, washing machine, 2 balconies, it was fab. Had a get together to finish off some wine we had bought at the winery and cheese. Nice night. 

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  1. Loved the mountains there, climbed up to the top of one of them and shouted for the echo's. Halls Gap area is stunning.