Monday, 20 May 2013

Las Vegas

There was a large annual Bay to Bridges charity fun run on my way out of the city this morning and they were dressed strangely. In fact someone told me sometimes they do it naked but not sure if that's true.  Had a bit of a bumpy flight but landed after just ver an hour. Was amazed when out as there were slot machines in the departure lounge as well as the luggage carousel. They don't miss an opportunity. Arrived at hotel and as usual took me a while to get my new bearings. My sense of direction is not good as many of you know but I have no chance here. It is full of  gambling areas all looking similar and I'm afraid they are allowed to smoke. In fact a scantily dressed lady goes around with a tray around her neck (like the usherettes used to in the cinema) full of cigarettes, cigars and lighters. It is as noisy as the amusement arcade. Now I have used a casino before but this is a whole new level. I wandered around for ages and was amazed at how many different versions there are of games I have heard of. Many of the croupiers are dressed in not a lot and in fact at one table a few of them are provocatively dancing on tables behind. Assume it is to distract the gentlemen. Another interesting observation was a masseuse going around giving neck massages as men were playing poker at the same time. Spoke to a couple who were playing at the bar. There's no respite when at the bar as there are touch screen games on the work top. She told me that they had two hotel rooms booked in the city and did not know which one they'd use. I asked why and she said it is called double dipping. That is when they are invited to tournaments as they gamble a lot. They were both invited by two different hotels and don't have to pay for their room. Therefore they weren't sure which one they would go for! There were some interesting characters around and a lot of music going around. Will have to explore more tomorrow.

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  1. They had a nude cycling one when I was there last year, not good for the guy who came off his bike at the wharf and skidded along the road.