Sunday, 26 May 2013


Arrived in Boston on Friday night from a 90+ degree Vegas to 56 degree and pouring rain. Got showered and changed and went out to explore. It was dark and wet so just really went round the block. Full of Irish bars. Next day I slept late and didn't come to really until about lunchtime. Got on a hop on off bus and stopped at the USS Constitution which is the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world. Nicknamed "Old Ironsides" during the war of 1812 when the British fired cannonballs at her and they bounced off as if she were made of iron. Next got off at Boston Common where I walked down to the bar "where everybody knows your name". The owner gave permission for the Cheers programme makers to use the facade of his bar but cleverly kept the copyright. The next year he made $5 million from the gift shop alone. It bears no resemblance inside to the show, however there is a fake Cheers bar set up exactly like the show in Quincy Market. This weekend is Memorial weekend (like our bank holiday). It remembers all those who have fallen since the civil war. In the Common there were 33000 US flags each commemorating a fallen soldier from the state. What a sight. It also symbolises the beginning of summer. I went down to the docks to see the re-enactment of the Boston Tea Party. The British had been raising taxes with no consultation for a while and the final nail in the coffin was when they put taxes on tea. The British ships were in dock laden with tea crates and the people waited and eventually rebelled. They knew if they were caught it would be catastrophe. They raced down and threw the 340 crates into the sea. There is one original crate shown in the museum. It was the first rebellion leading up to Independence. Went to the fake Cheers bar in the evening where they had a singer and of course he played the iconic theme tune. Met 3 lovely sisters celebrating one of their birthdays. Was turning a special age and they all looked fab. Hope I wear as well when I get to that age. Cheers ladies! I decided to walk the Freedom Trail the next morning. It is 3 miles long and self guided. It starts in the Common and basically you follow the two lines of red brick on the road. Easy. Followed the guide book and saw the 16 historically significant sites related to the events of the Revolutionary era. They still stand amongst all the tall buildings that is now Boston. The prettiest is the old state house where the Declaration of Independence was read from the lovely balcony in July 1776. I also learnt that there was an influx of Irish people in the mid 19th century when the great hunger took place in Ireland. Boston kindly sent over a ship of food but never really expected to see so many cross the Atlantic after a new life in America. They didn't like it and wouldn't employ them. Many died however just trying to sail across. The ships became known as Coffin Ships as so many perished. They did eventually integrate and I guess that is why there are so many Irish bars here and why so many of the people claim Irish heritage. There won't be many more photos here as my iPad is now full except for perhaps space for one or two. Will be home very soon now so won't be taking many more now. Have taken around 1400 so will have to trim them down when back. Hope Sabden Live went well today. I hear you had good weather. Good luck for the same tomorrow. 

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