Wednesday, 22 May 2013

I'm liking Las Vegas so much I've extended my intended stay by an extra day before the last leg of my trip next week. Had a very early start yesterday to go to the Grand Canyon. Three hours in the bus. Stopped on way to see the Hoover Dam. It's a magnificent structure however the only photo opportunity that we were given was from the rear. Disappointing. Some time later I arrived at the West rim of the Grand Canyon. Surprisingly for a major attraction in the US, 15 miles of the approach road was a bumpy, dirt track. It was very busy and chaotic but eventually got on a helicopter with 4 others who became my new friends for the day. It took off and almost immediately we were over the edge and wow! The sight was spectacular. This is my first time in a helicopter and ten minutes later we landed at a spot beside the Colorado river. Took a boat which sped along zig zagging. The boatman explained that the South side belongs to the Indians and the West to the National park. I was very disappointed that this was the only information given all day. After my previous travels, I had hoped to learn about its history and geological makeup but I suppose I will have to 'google' it like everyone else. The helicopter picked us back up and returned on a different route. (Pronounced rowt here in the US).  Then on to the Indian Hualapai ranch. It was laid out like a Wild West town. Lunch was in the dance hall and there was a jail, a hangmans noose, bar etc. Cowboys demonstrated lassoing skills and guns at dawn. There were horses and wagons and it was a lot of fun. Vegas continues to amaze me at night with different characters, people dressed in fancy dress. I have been told the reason the casinos are not very bright and that there are no clocks around is so that the gamblers are completely unaware of whether it is night or day. I've still not succumbed to a flutter in case I get carried away. Will just have to stick to shopping instead! xx


  1. They also pump the casino with oxygen to keep you awake.

  2. Shoppings a far better vice than gambling.. At least you can take it back if it doesn't fit or you go off it!!!!