Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Chapter 4 - Fiji

Arrived in Fiji in the early hours of yesterday. What a welcome. It must be the friendliest place on earth with a jolly band playing Caribbean style music on landing before passport control. A shell necklace placed round my neck too. I am going to love this treatment. A short drive by a friendly taxi driver who informs me that Fiji consists of over 300 islands but just over 100 are inhabited. I asked him why Fiji is so good at one of my favourite sports, rugby even though they are such a small country. He replied that from when the children are little they are out playing and there are so many coconuts around that they just pick them up and start throwing them around like a rugby ball. It's their favourite pastime. I reached the shore of where the resort is and a short ferry ride over and I arrive at a beautiful place. Palm trees (my favourite) and pretty flowers. When my room is ready I go and am amazed to find it is a house on a raised wooden structure with a verandah. It has 2 huge beds and the verandah has a sunken spa in and looks out directly to the beach. Wow. I didn't expect that. Chilled for the day. in the evening i was about to go to the room when i was surprised by many men in grass skirts shouting, singing and then performing. they all have such fabulous voices. the people here break into song at the drop of a hat. I was so tired that when I woke up I had had 10 hours sleep (unheard of for me) and I couldn't remember where I was for a few minutes. I suppose it had to happen some time. Had a long awaited manicure this morning and then chilled by pool. Thought of doing a few things but no, will be doing nothing here. I said to some before I left that I may come back with dreadlocks or something! No worries there but did get a tattoo today. Spur of the moment thing but it is only henna, but quite large and goes wonderfully with my Indian skirt. Off on my next leg on Thursday to USA and still have no firm plans yet. Not the usual organised me but as yet not panicking. It will happen soon.  Bula to all (not a swear word just what everyone says here all the time). Think it means hello, g'day and cheers all in one. Every time it is said it goes with a great big smile. So I am sending you all a great big BULA. Xx

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  1. You deserve a little luxury for your hard graft of travelling! Love the blogs,so descriptive. Relax& recharge before the next leg! Xx