Saturday, 18 May 2013

Chapter 5 - USA

Well, it was a long flight. Two hours delay on the runway at Fiji = first time I've had an hours sleep before the plane took off. I've learnt where the best single seat options are and sure I had two seats to myself. Flew over the international date line and so had two Thursdays at once. Just as well as because of delay I missed my connection at Los Angeles. Stood in express queue for immigration as a result (still an hour) and then another line to find another flight 5 hours later, then queued up to check in. Luggage cannot be sent directly in LA due to security. New flight was also delayed so got to San Francisco after midnight. Arrived at my hostel and have bunk beds with a towel and a set of ear plugs on top! I needed them at 3am when someone clattered a load of dishes in the corridor. Up for tour starting at 9.15am. Was grumpy and again thought what is this place about? When I have been in other places I have felt the same until I wakened up. Sure enough later on the world was well again. Went to Alcatraz in the morning. An amazing place. The rules are "you are entitled to food, clothing, shelter, and medical attention. Anything else you get is a privilege." Saw the solitary confinement cells. Black and in there for a maximum of 19 days, one of them quoted they closed their eyes and imagined things to get their own little stories going to keep sane. Alternatively if they were deemed eventually to be one of the better ones they were transferred to a cell where the sun came in and they could sometimes hear voices from over the water especially at New Year. The most amazing thing is this island has the most amazing views of the bay but they never got to see it. It also has the most lovely plant life. A group of volunteers look after it. Onwards to a half day tour of the city. Mostly it was on the outskirts. Over the Golden Gate Bridge and on to the twin peaks. Went past the Japanese gardens which I remembered from when I was 10 years old, the first time I visited. Had dinner in an Irish bar trying to find my accommodation. Decided to go back there in the evening where there was a guy playing a grand piano (actually it had an organ fitted in) but included everyone around. Names, nationality with naughty innovations. Good night. Back to my little hostel which is a block more than I would like to be for safety but am older and wiser now. Rules on door are on photo but include "don't run naked in corridors". Don't think it will be a problem. Also at breakfast a sign at the sink says "your mother doesn't live here so wash your own dishes". That made me laugh. So USA is fitting in well now so bring it on. Love to all xx

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  1. Innovations should read intonations but won't let me change it - ha.