Monday, 20 May 2013

San Francisco

San Francisco itself has a relatively small population of around 812900, but including the Bay Area that increases to just over 7 million. As you can imagine many of those in the bay work in the city so that means rush hour is busy. One of the methods they use to try to help the traffic are the six lanes on the Golden Gate Bridge. They is a cone system not like ours but ones which can be fixed upright into the ground. In morning rush hour the cones allow four lanes coming into the city and only two going out. When evening rush hour they have the reverse. Three lanes each at other times. Great idea. As it is earthquake area, the severe ones being in1906 and most recently 1989, their buildings have to be built to certain criteria. There is an area where they look so close together but the stipulation is that they should be 1" apart to help if they start to shake. Think our builders at home are using that excuse already given the nearness they build their houses to each other. Well had to post another parcel home today to keep the luggage weight within rules. The post office was within Macy's. I didn't look at the rails but got a shock when I passed a mannequin and she moved! Yes they use real women (well I say real women, they are stick thin).  Went to Pier 39 next to Fishermans Wharf. There are many sea lions who have made their home there. They used to live at Lands End until sharks came to the area so they moved to Pier 39 much to the disgust of the large yacht owners who wanted them removed. They tried to move them on with no success and now they bask in the sun in the safe bay, make lots of noises, have fun and entertain us all. They are mesmerising, I could have watched them all day. Went souvenir shopping in Chinatown and had a nice meal. Ended up in a duelling piano bar. First time I have been asked for ID in 30 years. The two pianists took requests and were brilliant at interacting and involving the audience. Only problem was there wasn't anybody to talk to really as all the people were in groups or couples. There was a lot of dancing where folks seemed to dance wildly. In fact two guys who did not know each other started to try to outdo each other and eventually the floor separated and they danced it out. Only here! Wish I could spend another day here but off again tomorrow.

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