Thursday, 16 May 2013

Fiji ends too soon

Fiji is such a relaxing place. I have done nothing but lie about and order the occasional drink. The humidity is really high and literally you drip wherever you go. No matter what I do my hair goes curly and my fringe is now so long I have started to comb it back. So, I have taken a new strategy. Soak it in coconut oil in the morning, comb it back and leave it like that until night. When washed it is beautifully soft, conditioned and looks fine. Works well in Fiji. Went to a fire walking show last night. There is a long story accompanies this. I couldn't quite understand the accent of the speaker but my taxi driver obliged today. Many years ago there was a storyteller who told some villagers in Nakarovu at he would tell them a story if they gave him a gift. One found an eel and thought that would be a good gift as he could eat it. He heard a voice behind him saying please don't kill me, I can give you a special power. When he looked back he realised the eel was talking to him. If you spare me I can give you the power to walk on fire. Ok he thought. The eel said that firstly he could not have coconut for it to work or be with a woman before. He thought that would be a more special gift and the eel was true to his word. That is how the art of fire walking began! We had a Kava celebration afterwards. It is a drink presented in a big bowl. All of it must be drunk. It is made from the roots and stem of a pepper plant. It looks like dirty dishwater and tastes not much better. It is the local tipple however and needs downing in one. It made my tongue numb. Won't be having that again. Am really sad to leave Fiji and start travelling again. It was nice to be able to unpack a case instead of continually travelling. Am in Fiji airport now waiting on my long flight to LA and onwards to San Francisco. Will cross the International dateline and so will arrive before I left! How cool is that? Farewell Fiji, Hello Uncle Sam xx

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