Thursday, 25 April 2013

Byron Bay

Well I survived the first night in the backpackers hostel ok. Had to go to reception for something and two surf dudes who worked there tried to persuade me to go out to celebrate St George's day. It was already 11 pm and up at 7 so reluctantly slipped away. The surf guys picked us up bright and early in their colourful van with loads of surf boards trailing behind. They were a hoot. Jimmy and Dino. Blonde, tanned and so laid back. It was like dumb and dumber. Most surf guys don't even bother with shoes at all. We went to Lennox Point and they checked out the surf. A bit of yoga on the beach followed by our surf lesson. Went ok but thought I found it hard jumping on the board in the sand never mind the sea. Up with the board (it's heavy) tied to the ankle and off to the sea. Trying to fight a way through the strong waves is so hard. Mouthfuls of salt water and one step forward and one step back. Eventually Dino got me through enough waves to turn and get on the board. Just one quick strong wave and was off. Wow, great fun but as expected stayed on the tummy. No way could I also jump to the standing position to look cool. Was absolutely exhausted and sore knees. Gave it a try though and it was worth it. Probably a photo to follow!
Went back to town which is just so pretty and laid back. Treated myself to a chilli vodka in a coconut. Boy it was spicy and I can't say that I will repeat the experience.
Moved on on Thursday towards the Whitsunday Islands. It's Anzac Day here in Oz and a public holiday. They remember the Australian soldiers from WW1 from the Gallipoli landings.
Upper arm muscles ache today from the exertions of yesterday. Surfing is a good workout. We got on a bus and headed to Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast for a short visit on our way to Brisbane airport. We flew to Prosperine where we got a bus to Airlie Harbour and then a ferry to Daydream Island. It's a resort only but so beautiful. Bumped into a few wallabies on way to dinner. Bit of dancing to Santana in the evening and bed. Will try to get photos on later. Having a morning by the pool I think. Love to all. Hope the weathers warming up for you. It is certainly getting more tropical here as we head northwards.

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  1. Airlie Beach is really nice, watch out for jelly fish. hit a pub there to watch fa cup semi final.