Friday, 19 April 2013

Chapter 3 - Sydney

Well it's strange. Waiting to get on the plane last night I felt jet lag and I hadn't even got on board. Probably the previous flight catching up. I had visited Sentosa that day and had been on the cable car. I arrived in Sydney early this morning. After a long flight with little sleep I tend to be a bit grumpy. Thought the harbour bridge looked old and the opera house a bit, well, yellow. After a short kip all changed. Wow what a view. The temperature has dropped a bit but still warm compared to home. Bought a jerkin to keep warm and had a walk. A quick shower and I met Rhys from the Rajisthan trip. He took me up the Shangri La tower hotel to the bar where an absolutely fabulous view of Harbour Bridge and the Opera House was to be had at sunset. Coupled with a glass of vino, life couldn't be much more perfect. We moved on to an amazing wine bar here you served yourself from a pre loaded credit card to the size of glass required. Photos to follow. A wonderful meal and reminiscences with Kate after she finished work. Thanks guys. Had an amazing time. England is yours any time. 


  1. Sounds amazing! Glad u having a ball xx

  2. G'day Sheila from sunny Saddleworth. Karen here with me sharing some vino. Looking up at the monument on the hill from our stunning riverside location. Does it get any better than this?? Guess you would say big YES!! Enjoy Oz we are dead jealous and wish were there too. Keep us posted. xxxx

  3. P.S. Any strawberries and cream out there???