Friday, 12 April 2013

Friday 12th April - Day 13

Jaipur is a very busy city. I'm not sure I like the cities too much. I much prefer the little villages and towns. On Wednesday I went to Amber Fort. We got into jeeps at the bottom of the hill to go up. The temperature is steadily rising to around 40 degrees. I wasn't overly impressed with Amber Fort although the wall is 26 Kim's long. They do like their long walls here. The Maharajah here had 12 wives and 256 concubines. He must have been a very tired man. The concubines weren't allowed to have children, only the wives. There was a midwife to help abort unwanted babies. They were protected by large strong men who had firstly been castrated! Anyone fancy that job - ha. I then went on to the market. I can shop with the best of them but the hassle here just to get out of a shop left me exhausted. One shop and I went back for a swim. Packing was not going well. So I have got a box and going to post some home. On Thursday we left and I am surprised my zips didn't burst.  Long trips in bus today and we visited the stairwells. Thirteen levels which filled up with water in monsoon and women would walk 10 miles to get water. And we complain when the car park in Clitheroe Tesco is full! We were told about arranged marriages today which was fascinating but is a very long story. That's one for when I get home. Today we left Bharatpur for Agra. Again hours in the bus. We first stopped at Fatephur Sikri which was a fascinating place. Again built for Maharajah who had 3 wives and around 250 concubines. It took 12 years to build and they only lived there for 4 years. Then it was on to Agra. First visited Agra Fort. Was very interesting but the heat was intense and so was the smell. Then on to baby Taj. It was so sweet. We could see the Taj Mahal in the distance and we are off there tomorrow morning to see it at sunrise. I can't wait. Photos will follow soon of that one. Hope all are well and I am not boring you all too much. Please comment and let me know you are all still there. xxx


  1. Still here and I am only going to Fife and Crieff on Monday and Tuesday.

  2. Hi Sharon,

    I'm soooo envious - if it helps I sit here with the aroma of last night's ASDA curry to make me feel like I'm with you!! Loving reading about your adventures...enjoy ;)

  3. having to use callum's gmail account!!!!!