Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sydney/Byron Bay

Hi all
Well our last day in Sydney had a trip on a yacht in the harbour in the afternoon. The sun came out and it was wonderful. What we didn't know was that we had to be part of the crew to help out. So much for a relaxing sail. The sails are huge. When they are at full sail they are magnificent. The fully raised height was 35 metres and going under the Harbour bridge we felt "will we make it" but the captain said there is a 51 metre clearance. Each time we had to change direction of the sail we had to cross to the other side of the yacht. It was fun.
We flew to Byron Bay. Quite relaxing flight. Upon landing our guide told us that our supposed hotel had let us down. Byron Bay is a very laid back sort of place. Full of surfers and cool dudes! So the only place that had enough room for us was a local backpackers hostel! Half of the group were up in arms and not the ones that I thought would. I just felt well it would be an experience. Nice room. Two half bottles of wine as a bribe and a slap up meal added and I was pig in muck. Tomorrow may be different. What will be will be. Went to the lighthouse for sunset and it is at the most easterly point of Australia. Was very beautiful and I hope to add photos soon. Tomorrow is action packed and I have to be up at 7am. Is this really a holiday? 

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  1. Photos look cool, hope you weren't sea sick! Enjoy roughing it - I am sure it will be absolutely fine. You will take it all in your stride I am sure. Xx