Sunday, 21 April 2013

Days 2-3 Sydney

The rain chucked it down and woke me up on day two. What a disappointment. It rained on and off all day. I wasn't expecting that. How quickly we get used to heat.  No point in moping so umbrella out and I got on a ferry to Darling Harbour. It's a busy place with bars, restaurants and attractions. I decided I would visit the Australian Wildlife Zoo. Saw the two new Tasmanian Devils. What fun they are. They were eating but also like to have a little yelling at each other showing their teeth. Then saw the Koalas. Now I have been told that Koalas aren't bears and should never be referred to as such. They are marsupials. They were so cute. Sleeping and eating is their life with not much else to do. Their first meal is their mothers poo! It gives them the ability to eat the eucalyptus leaves as they are toxic. Decided to have a meal alongside the opera house. Cold but very atmospheric. Walked back to the oldest pub in Sydney which had a guitarist/singer on. Had to queue outside but it was worth it. Met up with some Australian girls who had been to see their small town team beat a big Sydney team and they were celebrating. It would have been rude to not help so hangover awaited for the next morning.
Day 3 and the sun had come out. Had to check out of my hotel as will be moving to another one to meet up with my new group for the tour. Had a trip on the ferry to Manly. It was beautiful and the surf was up. Young surfers and young families alike. It's a very family oriented place. The hangover soon disappeared after two or three coffees sitting alongside the bay. Let's hope for the sun to be out again tomorrow.


  1. Hi it has taken me a while to know how to post lets see if it works this time Diane

  2. Wow sounds like a fascinating adventure. I am thinking when can I do it?? Not for a few years. Your blog is soooo interesting I can't wait for your next posting. I hope to read it regularly now that I know how to post. Hope you are well and continuing to discover , explore and learn about new cultures xxx

  3. Thanks Diane. Don't think you are the only one learning how to post. Glad to know it's being read. Off to Byron Bay today for a surf lesson. Will post later when I get time. Hope all is well with you.