Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Tuesday 9 April - Day 10

It was a long drive today as we headed to Jaipur. It took just under 4 hours but we were all a little tired after the festivities of the night before. As usual the journey is never boring. Between nodding off, chatting, listening to music and of course the favourite views from the windows the time flies. It's our down time. The sights are always changing but it's the way of life that is exciting. Just as I am typing a St Bernard dog has walked by me in the hotel reception. Why would a dog with a coat that thick be living here!
The new hotel room is a bit dingy, however, we have new criteria for a hotel being good. 1. Wifi. 2. Alcohol and 3 if it has a pool too we are excited. The first two are not always there. After a rest and a wifi catch up we all went off to town for a walk. It is so busy here as it is a city and the capital of Rajisthan. The streets are again so noisy and when you are in a tuk tuk it is like being in the dodgem cars for real! How quickly we adapt to differing ways of life. When wandering streets it is no surprise to see a monkey on the electricity cables overhead, cows in doorways or through open windows, goats, pigs, warthogs, dogs and today there were the cobras being teased from baskets with pipes. Now as you may know I have a big thing about snakes. They were a step too far for me.  Last night we all went to a Bollywood movie in the cinema. It was so very funny. The cinema was amazing, air conditioned and had popcorn, samosas, sodas etc. I got a samosa (massively full), a bottle of water and a coke for less than a £. The entrance cost was the same. I'm a cheap date. Although mostly there were no subtitles we got the message and it is really just a spoof. The audience really join in, whooping, cheering and laughing. I'm a convert. It was called Himmatwala. Will download it when home. The roads in Jaipur are very poor and the potholes put ours in Sabden to shame. There is an option to go to an Indian nightclub tonight but I am not sure that I will go. Ankles still size of elephants. Talking of which saw a few elephants sharing a few loads in the streets amongst the traffic today too just to add to the fun. None of us took the option of riding them up to the Amber Fort today as our guide says his company is concerned at the way they are treated and therefore we could do it but they weren't endorsing it. Am glad we didn't. They really look old and tired but a lot of them still had coloured paint on from the Holi festival a few weeks ago. Actually some of the people do too - ha!

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