Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Sunday 7 April cont

The previous post stopped as Internet just conked out and only just going again.
We all went out for a sunset camel ride at 5.45pm.  I shared a camel with Fraser and it was such a hoot. Our camel was called Rama and he was really photogenic. It was such good fun. 3 Indian men were playing music in the dunes and the sunset was spectacular. Afterwards we went to a local family home for dinner. The men stayed on the roof terrace whilst the women helped in the kitchen. They made dinner for 18 in a small kitchen with only a two ring gas stove and a pressure cooker. The meal was fabulous.
Monday 8 April
Another scorcher. We went into Pushkar to do some shopping. After a short while we decided to go back. No tuk tuks. Only option was a horse and cart. It was the mangiest horse we ever saw. My feet were on the feed bag and I felt like I was crawling by the time I got back.
Some of the staff joined us later for a game of cricket. Knowing nothing of the game I was a little reluctant. However I didn't mind bowling and found it was fun but so hot.
Tonight was Rusty's surprise 40th. We all dressed in saris and Indian gear and all felt the part. When he arrived we made an arch and threw petals over him whilst singing happy birthday. The cake arrived and was spectacular. One candle was lit and whilst it burnt some bowls arrived. The contents were flicked to his side and an orange mark made on his forehead. Fireworks and a paper fountain fell on top of us. This was all in the garden by the pool. Curry then Bollywood dancing all night long under the stars. Off to Jaipur tomorrow.

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