Sunday, 14 April 2013

Chapter 2 - Singapore Monday 15 April

Arrived in Singapore today bright and early. My last day in India yesterday was so exhausting. The heat was incredible and I said goodbye to most of my new friends as they jetted off. Rusty, Francesca and I had more time to kill. We went shopping to Connaught Place but mostly it was closed being Sunday. We were hassled so much by touts we went to the Red fort instead. There were some decent shops at the entrance but all in all the fort didn't impress. Had to dash back in a tuk tuk as Francesca was driving off to a friends wedding. Rusty and I had lunch ad decided we would go to the airport early as we couldn't face the noise, dirt and touts anymore. We were there at 3.30pm. My flight was 22.20 and his wasn't until the early hours. They wouldn't let him in as his flight was more than six hours away so we said our goodbyes at the door. My flight was delayed and ended sitting next to a man reading 50 Shades and another one snoring. All in all not a restful flight. Singapore is clean and I now have a bath and toiletries. Luxury. Will no longer have to scrub my nails four times a day and see everything I own with layers of dirt on. Won't miss the noise of the horns either. all in all India was amazing, definitely a place to visit at some point. On the other hand in Singapore they don't give you free wifi like some of the small hotels in India did. I think I will chill by the pool and catch up on some zz's. hoping you are all warming up now. xx


  1. Love reading your blog! Have a rest and a little luxury before a new adventure Xxx

  2. Just managed to see your pics, they are amazing! Love the detail in the buildings xx