Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Day 2 - Singapore

Singapore is a safe place for a solo female traveller I have discovered. Checked with hotel before venturing out last night. Great. Whilst the temperature in Singapore is not as high as India, the humidity leads the impression that it is. I had an afternoon trip out today to see the landing site of Raffles followed by a visit to Raffles hotel. Upstairs to the long bar, we only had 20 mins before we had to be in the queue for high tea. Service was awful and ended up with our 30 dollar (yes really) Singapore Sling and had to down it in around 7 minutes. Afternoon tea was fantastic. Considering the tour was relatively cheap, the amount included was fab. Cake stands on the table with sandwiches (no crusts), little cakes and then a fab buffet, help yourself. It had cakes, fruit platters including strawberries but cream was on the table in a perfect shape and dim sum as much as you want. Scones were delivered separately. Meanwhile a harpist played in the background. Met three other ladies and we did a little people watching which was interesting. A few uncles and nieces I think! Afterwards we went on a river boat up the Singapore river. A quick shower and out again to meet up with the 3 Australian ladies for drinks and dinner at Clarke Quays. Was good. At this rate it won't just be my ever suffering ankles that are huge! 

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